Tree Work

Exciting news! We’ve had some important tree work carried out at the Golden Lion during July 2018 and the building is now much more light and visible, not to mention safe!

Before the work started.

Lots of branches were trimmed.

The trees at the front of the building had been overgrowing for many years. It had reached the point where the building was threatened by large overhanging branches. Roof tiles were getting dislodged and guttering and wall timbers were being damaged.

Sunlight hitting the front of the Golden Lion for the first time in years!
That middle tree was dead from the crown, so has now been cut off at ground level.

As a result three of the trees have now had their canopies raised in order to bring them up and away from the roof. The fourth tree was found to be dead from the crown up so it has been totally removed.

There is still plenty of foliage remaining.
The roof is now safer without the overhanging branches

Friends of the Golden Lion discussed the problem with the city council conservation officer and woodland management team. A big thank you to the council staff for co-ordinating and getting this work done.

The new clear view of the building.